Chase Iron Eyes: #NoDAPL Movement Is Not Local


Over the weekend erstwhile Democratic U.S. House candidate Chase Iron Eyes caused a stir with a Facebook post which seemed to urge #NoDAPL protesters to do illegal things.

I had Iron Eyes on my radio show today to talk about it. His explanation for the post was…somewhat less than clear, I’m afraid. But he is adamant that he is against violence and reckless behavior such as protesters blocking railroad tracks near Mandan, and said a lot of the more extreme actions are coming from activists outside of North Dakota.

“The local voice is not the voice controlling this,” he told me.

“The agenda ‘keep it in the ground,’ that’s not Standing Rock’s agenda,” he added referring to the slogan of the anti-fossil fuels environmental movement.

I asked Iron Eyes why, if Standing Rock isn’t for keeping oil in the ground, they partnered with a far-left extremist group like Earthjustice to represent them in their legal battles against the pipeline.

“I don’t know about that,” Iron Eyes said.

Here’s the full audio:

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