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Jack Seaman Column: Time To Address Next Debt Ceiling Crisis Is Now

Jack Seaman Column: Time To Address Next Debt Ceiling Crisis Is Now

Our elected officials in Washington last week passed yet another hike in our nation’s debt ceiling. Actually, it isn’t even a hike, it’s a suspension of it altogether. While some Representatives are touting their “no” vote on the bill, I find no credibility in their voting “no” on a debt ceiling suspension when they voted

North Dakota Gets Its First Campaign Commercial Of 2014

It’s now the middle of February and North Dakota Democrats don’t even have an official US House candidate in the race yet against incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer, which isn’t good for them at all but Libertarian Party candidate Jack Seaman is already running television ads. “This commercial is designed for voters to discover me as

Kevin Cramer Awaits Opponent With Nearly $300,000 In Campaign Cash

Rep.Kevin Cramer’s campaign committee just filed their 2013 year-end fundraising report. In the last quarter of 2013 Cramer netted $112,747.97 in contributions over $53,456.85 in expenses, ending the reporting period with $292,764.13 in cash on hand and under $2,000 in debt. Cycle-to-date, Cramer has raised a total $480,536.32. Compared to last cycle, according to Cramer’s

Is A Third Party Candidate Viable In North Dakota?

This morning I interviewed North Dakota Libertarian House candidate Jack Seaman, and our discussion took an interesting turn to the viability of third party candidates. Seaman told me he was hoping to exploit the fed-up feelings voters have for both Republicans and Democrats, but I questioned how fed-up voters really are. When most incumbents get