Kevin Cramer Awaits Opponent With Nearly $300,000 In Campaign Cash


Rep.Kevin Cramer’s campaign committee just filed their 2013 year-end fundraising report.

In the last quarter of 2013 Cramer netted $112,747.97 in contributions over $53,456.85 in expenses, ending the reporting period with $292,764.13 in cash on hand and under $2,000 in debt.

Cycle-to-date, Cramer has raised a total $480,536.32.

Compared to last cycle, according to Cramer’s 2011 year-end report he had raised $210,565.12, but back then Cramer was just one of a half-dozen NDGOP House candidates and wouldn’t win the primary until June of 2012. In the entire 2012 cycle Cramer raised $1,325,479, meaning that so far in the 2014 cycle he’s raised 36% of his total from the 2012 cycle.

In other words, that’s a pretty nice place for an incumbent to be. Especially one not facing any serious primary candidates, and who is so far only facing a third-party challenge from Libertarian Jack Seaman.

Meanwhile, North Dakota Democrats have yet to see a single candidate jump into the race. Freshman state Senator George Sinner is still rumored to run, but sources at the University of North Dakota tell me that the wife of political science professor Mark Jendrysik is circulating a petition for candidacy.

You can read Cramer’s full report below.

Kevin Cramer 2013 Fundraising