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House Passes Amendment Forcing "Major" Spending Measures To General Election Ballot

House Passes Amendment Forcing "Major" Spending Measures To General Election Ballot

In 2014 one of the eight (!!!) ballot measures North Dakotans voted on was Measure 4, a constitutional amendment passed by the Legislature which did two things. First, it required that measures with a significant fiscal impact be placed on the general election ballot. Second, it prohibited constitutional amendments which would require the legislature to

Election Day Criminal Complaint Filed By ND Democrats Results In No Charges

Democrats and left-wing activists making wild legal accusations before election day, which ultimately get rejected after election day, has become something of a tradition in North Dakota. During the 2012 election cycle it was a lawsuit, filed by a group of environmental activists and touted during their campaigns by Democrats on the statewide ballot like Pam

North Dakota Democrats Just Don't Get It: Voters Don't Want Want Balance For Balance's Sake

“Silver lining shines within N.D. Dems’ election cloud” That’s the headline over a letter to the editor written by the Democrat leadership in the North Dakota Legislature in which House and Senate Minority Leaders Kenton Onstad and Mac Schneider do their best to spin what was an undeniably ugly election day for North Dakota liberals. [mks_pullquote

Nearly 40 Percent Of North Dakota Voters Cast Ballots Early, Up From 2010

Back in September SAB columnist James Kerian wrote in a column that Republicans, who typically disdain early voting, must adapt to it. “In a contest we must let our actions be guided by what the rules are, not what we would wish them to be,” he wrote. That statement is looking wise in light of

Will Heidi Heitkamp's No Good, Very Bad Election Day Have Her Leaving The Senate?

Heidi Heitkamp wasn’t on the ballot last night, but she gave a lot of money to people who were on the ballot, and most of those people lost. After winning a narrow upset victory over Republican Rick Berg in 2012, a race she was widely seen as losing, Heitkamp gained status among Democrats as someone

LegitSlater: 2014 Mid Term Election Reflection

It’s finally over. The ads have grown annoying, even for the candidates and measures I support. I am worn out from debating the issues in this election. I can only imagine how the candidates and committees feel as they have been living it for the past several months. As I write this (it’s Tuesday night,