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Election Night Predictions Open Thread

Election Night Predictions Open Thread

Well, it’s that time. The arguments have been made. The mud has been slung. Almost all the votes have been cast. So who wins and who loses? Post your predictions below. Here are mine: Statewide Candidates On the statewide ticket, I think Republicans sweep. Democrats clearly had an opportunity when Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger took a

Measure 1 Proponents Tell Supporters To Remove League Of Women Voters Guides From Polling Locations

Last week I wrote about the proponents of Measure 1 objecting to the presence of voting guides published by the League of Women Voters at early voting locations. That resulted in the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office instructing local county auditors that polling locations need to be “free of outside guides.” “The only items

A Tip For North Dakota Election Results Watchers: Keep An Eye On Stutsman County

Later today we political junkies (which means pretty much the entirety of the SAB audience) will be glued to the election results. Here’s a couple of tips from someone who has done this a few time before. First, if you want the best results, just go straight to the North Dakota Secretary of State’s election

Woman Feels Threatened After Democrat-Aligned Group Mails Her Voting Record

Per the Valley News Live story above, a woman in Fargo is feeling a little intimidated after a Democrat-aligned group mailed her voting history to her. She’s all the more upset because her neighbors got the information as well. “We’re sending this mailing to you and your neighbors to publicize who does and doesn’t vote,”

Here's What The Problem With That UND/Forum Communications Polling Was

By now the public polling done in North Dakota’s election races – results released by SayAnythingBlog.com/Valley News Life/DFM Research and Forum Communications/University of North Dakota – is old news. But one lingering issue is how far off the Forum/UND polling seemed to be. That polling was widely derided by political observers – including this one