Whoops: ND Democrats Direct Voters To Wrong Polling Place


When it comes time to vote, sometimes tracking down where you’re supposed to cast your ballot can be a little tricky. This evening a SAB reader was emailing me confused about her voting location.

She lives in District 3 and said she got a mailer from the Democrats telling her to vote at the Minot Church of Christ in NE Minot. The photo she sent me is above.

The message does not make sense, and it clearly wasn’t written by anyone from Minot.

For one thing, there’s more than one polling place in Ward County. In fact, there are four polling places in Minot alone, and none of them are the Minot Church of Christ In fact, not even the Minot Church of Christ’s polling location is the Minot Church of Christ.

If you punch in the address for the church, the polling location is actually Lewis and Clark Elementary.


Voters in Legislative District 3 – where Lisa Wolf, Lee Snyder, and Cindy Wilhelm are running – would actually go to the First Assembly of God in Southeast Minot.

But don’t take my word for it. In fact, don’t bother using any of the non-official¬†information from political groups or websites. Click here and use the North Dakota Secretary of State’s tool for finding your polling location.

As for what’s happening in District 3, that’s a close race (Wolf has been running a vicious television campaign against Republican incumbent Oley Larsen), but I can’t tell if this mailer with the wrong polling location is merely incompetence or some sort of ham-handed attempt to suppress the vote in what has become a very Republican area.

I can tell you that the folks who sent me the photo are pretty conservative, so maybe they were targeted for misinformation, but that seems awfully elaborate. I’m leaning toward incompetence.

If any of you readers have received a mailer like this, double-check the info. If it’s wrong, email me a photo.