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Whoops: ND Democrats Direct Voters To Wrong Polling Place

Whoops: ND Democrats Direct Voters To Wrong Polling Place

When it comes time to vote, sometimes tracking down where you’re supposed to cast your ballot can be a little tricky. This evening a SAB reader was emailing me confused about her voting location. She lives in District 3 and said she got a mailer from the Democrats telling her to vote at the Minot

Democrat Legislative Candidate Says Someone Attacked Her Campaign Signs…With A Knife!

Since we’re in the political silly season, of course we’re going to have people getting overwrought about their campaign signs. Because people love campaign signs. They love putting that little notification of which team they’re supporting out on their lawn. It’s like wearing your favorite sports team’s jersey. ¬†You’re making a statement. And when they

Another Democrat Legislative Candidate Goes On Television With Brutal Attack Ad

Last week I wrote about the race between incumbent state Senator Margaret Sitte and her Democrat challenger Erin Oban. The occasion for the post was Oban’s television attack ad on Sitte, which was the first such thing in a North Dakota legislative race by my recollection. Now another Democrat candidate for the state Senate is

North Dakota Democrats Have No Announced Legislative Candidates In 8 Of 10 Districts So Far

I’ve written a lot about North Dakota Democrats struggling to find statewide candidates (more on that below). It looks like they’re struggling in legislative races as well. So far, according to the state party website, Democrats have held district conventions in ten odd-numbered districts (the odds are on the ballot this cycle). Of those ten,