Democrats Send Inaccurate Polling Location Info To Supporters


Last night I wrote about a mailer a Minot-area SAB reader sent to me which told recipients to vote at the wrong polling location. The mailer was sent out on behalf of the Distrcit 3 legislative candidates – Lisa Wolf, Lee Snyder, and Cindy Wilhelm – and it probably isn’t doing them any good. This afternoon I drove by the church indicated in the mailer and there’s a big “no trespassing” sign at the end of the driveway.

This afternoon I got another email from the Democrats with a link to an online tool to find my polling location.


I clicked the link and it took me to this link at the national Democrat party website where you can enter an address to find a polling location. I entered an address in NE Minot that I know votes at Lewis and Clark Elementary in nortwhest Minot (actually the address of the church from that erroneous mailer I posted about last night). The national website actually kicked out the right location and address, but the map to get there was all wrong telling voters to go to the wrong side of town in southwest Minot:



I tried a couple of other addresses in the database. It couldn’t find a voting location for my address (I voted at First Presbyterian in northeast Minot),¬†and it told me my sister’s address in Bismarck wasn’t even valid.

Whoever is turning this get-out-the-vote stuff for Democrats probably needs to be fired.