Measure 1 Proponents Tell Supporters To Remove League Of Women Voters Guides From Polling Locations


Last week I wrote about the proponents of Measure 1 objecting to the presence of voting guides published by the League of Women Voters at early voting locations. That resulted in the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office instructing local county auditors that polling locations need to be “free of outside guides.”

“The only items that are allowed by law are the sample ballot and the official measure analyses,” the October 29 email read.

Apparently not all the local auditors got the memo, because the ND Choose Life folks say they have reports of LWV voting guides all over the state.

“This is illegal and all the county auditors were notified last week to not allow such materials within 100 feet of the polling sites,” reads an email sent out by the group this afternoon. They’re urging supporters to remove the guides if they see them.

“Justin Anderson from the Elections Division told us that if we see these guides at the polling sites, we can remove them,” the email states. “If¬†you see these guides, please remove them so that the polling site remains a place of objective integrity.”

It seems pretty obvious to me that polling places should be free of third-party literature, even from groups that claim to be non-partisan like the LWV (it’s worth noting that the League has long taken a pro-abortion stance). Honestly, I often feel like Secretary of State Al Jaeger is far too hands-off when it comes to laying down the law on this sort of stuff.

Here’s the full email from ND Choose Life: