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Republican Lawmaker Says League of Women Voters Has Become Biased and a “Disappointment”

Republican Lawmaker Says League of Women Voters Has Become Biased and a “Disappointment”

UPDATE: Comments from the League included below. Senator Judy Lee, a Republican lawmaker from Fargo, is disputing what she says are claims from the League of Women Voters that she urged a boycott of their upcoming candidate forums. She wrote about it in a Facebook post last night, describing the League’s forums as “poorly run” and

Measure 1 Proponents Tell Supporters To Remove League Of Women Voters Guides From Polling Locations

Last week I wrote about the proponents of Measure 1 objecting to the presence of voting guides published by the League of Women Voters at early voting locations. That resulted in the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office instructing local county auditors that polling locations need to be “free of outside guides.” “The only items

UPDATED: Pro-Measure 1 Activists Object To League Of Women Voters Guides At The Polls

A supporter of Measure 1 sent me a picture (above) this morning of a League of Women Voters voting guide being distributed at a polling place in Burleigh County. Specifically, the photo was taken in the Burleigh County Auditor’s office which is an early voting location. ND Choose Life, which is the committee formed to

League Of Women Voters Did Poor Job With District 35 Debate

Yesterday I wrote a post analyzing the fundraising in North Dakota’s various legislative races. One race, in particular, stood out because of the huge amount of money involved so far. Democrat Senate candidate Erin Hill-Oban, running in District 35, has raised nearly $65,000 for her race alone, not counting the $22,000 raised by her House