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What Willie Nelson Gets Wrong On Measure 1: The Corporate Farming Ban Isn't Protecting Anything

“Each year in nearly every part of the country, swaths of farmland are turned over as yet another family farm is pushed out by tightening profit margins, rigged markets and the ever-constricting power of a few corporations,” reads the opening sentence of an op/ed written by musician Willie Nelson and former Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Sarah

Was Measure 1's Defeat Really About Abortion?

With Measure 1’s failure on North Dakota’s statewide ballot, and the defeat of two outspoken proponents of pro-life legislation in the Legislature, many are claiming that election day was a victory against the pro-life movement in North Dakota. They say it was a referendum on the Legislature and pro-life movements supposed preoccupation with restricting abortion.

Measure 1 Proponents Tell Supporters To Remove League Of Women Voters Guides From Polling Locations

Last week I wrote about the proponents of Measure 1 objecting to the presence of voting guides published by the League of Women Voters at early voting locations. That resulted in the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office instructing local county auditors that polling locations need to be “free of outside guides.” “The only items