ND Dems To Supporters: Give Us Money To Hire Lawyers


“When all else fails, raise money to hire lawyers,” the reader who forwarded me the Democrat email pitch below wrote. “You never know when you might need to steal a vote.”

Why do Democrats need money for lawyers, specifically? Supposedly North Dakota’s new voter ID law is going to disenfranchise a bunch of voters or something. As if this state doesn’t have the loosest voter qualification laws in the country.


The email fundraising campaign by Democrats this election cycle has been truly something to behold. It’s been a never-ending stream of emails – I’ve averaged something like eleven┬áper day since August from National and North Dakota Democrats – with pitches ranging from the standard “I’m the candidate, please give me money” to the truly bizarre.

Subject lines┬álike “all hope is lost” and “catastrophe” which are supposed to be predictions, I guess, if the email recipient doesn’t pour some more money into the Democrats’ ActBlue money laundering service.

I can’t say it has been all that successful for Democrats in North Dakota. Republicans, on the whole, have a massive advantage in fundraising over their liberal counterparts.

And I wonder what their unsubscribe rate is for their email list at this point? If I weren’t subscribed to the lists for the sake of observing them, I’d have unsubscribed a long time ago. I’m betting a lot of even true-blue, rank-and-file Democrat voters feel the same way.