North Dakota Gets Its First Campaign Commercial Of 2014


It’s now the middle of February and North Dakota Democrats don’t even have an official US House candidate in the race yet against incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer, which isn’t good for them at all but Libertarian Party candidate Jack Seaman is already running television ads.

“This commercial is designed for voters to discover me as a candidate and learn a bit about what the Libertarian Party stands for,” candidate Jack Seaman said of the ad in a press release. “I think it’s a great start and there will be more to follow. Stay tuned.”

The ad “will air in various markets around the state,” according to the press release, though not specific ad buys are mentioned. Seaman has a big mountain to climb. In the 2012 election, House candidate Eric Olson got just 3.25% of the vote, though he didn’t spend a lot of time campaigning.

Meanwhile, a search of the FEC website shows no new filings for a Democrat candidate (or for Seaman, for that matter).

In October North Dakota Democrats touted as many as five would-be House candidates ready to get in the race against Cramer. In January state Senator George Sinner of Fargo, widely seen as the most likely candidate, said he’d be making an announcement within a week. Then he was to have made an announcement by February 1st. The last we heard more than a week ago, Sinner was “still in the process” of deciding whether or not he’d challenge Cramer.

In the 2012 election cycle Democrats had a House and Senate candidate – Pam Gulleson and Heidi Heitkamp, respectively – officially announced and campaigning by November of 2011.