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Audio: Democratic House Candidate Iron Eyes a Lot of #NoDAPL Protest “Is From Outsiders”

Audio: Democratic House Candidate Iron Eyes a Lot of #NoDAPL Protest “Is From Outsiders”

I had Democratic U.S. House candidate Chase Iron Eyes on my radio show yesterday. The full audio of our interview is below. I like Iron Eyes. A lot. I think he’s mostly wrong on the issues, and I don’t think he’s ready to serve in Congress, but he’s at least willing to engage his critics.

North Dakota’s Democrats Not Supporting Their Native American Candidates With Campaign Cash

Back in April the North Dakota Democratic Party was making a big deal about the Native American candidates they’d nominated for races on the statewide ballot. Among them Chase Iron Eyes for the U.S. House, Ruth Buffalo for Insurance Commissioner, and Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun for the Public Service Commission. “[W]e stand in solidarity with our tribes

Native American Candidates Get Little Financial Support From North Dakota Democrats

Last month the Democratic and Republican candidates for the U.S. House filed their pre-primary fundraising reports, and we learned that Democratic challenger Chase Iron Eyes was way behind Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer in terms of dollars raised. On Friday both candidates filed their July quarterly fundraising reports, and it’s clear that Iron Eyes simply isn’t

Democratic House Candidate Chase Iron Eyes Has More Debt Than Cash In First Fundraising Report

Before the general election campaigns even begin in earnest it seems the campaign of North Dakota Democratic House candidate Chase Iron Eyes is already deep in a financial hole. According to his pre-primary fundraising report filed with the FEC, which covers all the fundraising he’s done cycle to date, the candidate has raised just $33,892.

Voting For Sanders, North Dakota's Democrats Move To The Left Of Relevance

At the national level Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is struggling mightily to unite her party even as her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, continues to win in some states. That made North Dakota’s caucus last night kind of important, as implausible as that might seem. Normally our state is almost irrelevant to presidential politics, but

It's Just A Steady Stream Of Bad News For North Dakota Democrats

It seems state Senator George Sinner may not be running for re-election in District 46. This after confirming, again, that he’s on the long, long list of Democrats deciding not to run for governor. This just two years after Sinner – son of former Governor George A. Sinner –  was on the statewide ballot for Democrats

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Be Thankful North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Oil Tax Reform

We’re past Thanksgiving, but here’s something you can be thankful for anyway: That Democrats didn’t get their way when they emptied their rhetorical silos in furious opposition to oil tax reforms earlier this year. The Republican majority in the state Legislature pushed through reforms to the state’s oil taxes in the 2015 session which ended

Democrat Lawmakers Accuse Me Of Playing Games With Statistics

Democrat state Senators George Sinner (Fargo) and Phil Murphy (Portland) have a letter to the editor in the Dickinson Press today calling me out for my rebuttal of John Oliver’s commentary on worker deaths in North Dakota. First, let me say that I think it’s odd when people like Sinner and Murphy criticize me by writing letters