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In Polling Average, Kevin Cramer Leads George Sinner By 8.5 Points

In Polling Average, Kevin Cramer Leads George Sinner By 8.5 Points

Earlier today Democrat House candidate George Sinner got some ugly polling news. A University of North Dakota poll commissioned by the Fargo Forum found the challenger trailing incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer by 19 points. Of course, when I spoke to someone with the Cramer campaign even they acknowledged that their lead isn’t that high (they’re expecting

Video: George Sinner Bombed In Television Debates

About a week or so ago WDAY television hosted a debate in North Dakota’s House race between incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer, Democrat challenger George Sinner, and Libertarian Party challenger Jack Seaman. I hadn’t written about it because I hadn’t actually seen the debate yet – it wasn’t streamed online anywhere and we only have streaming

Jack Seaman: I Thank Sinner And Cramer For Turning Off Voters

My Democrat opponent in this race, George Sinner, made news this week by calling out my Republican opponent and incumbent Congressman Kevin Cramer about missing some votes and taking his pay during the “Government Shutdown” of 2013. If you are not familiar with the story you can read about it here. Let the media soundbites and

Open Thread Town Hall: Libertarian House Candidate Jack Seaman Takes Your Questions

Tonight’s the night to ask Jack Seaman – the North Dakota Libertarian Party candidate for the US House – your questions about life, the universe and everything. Though it might be better if you narrowed it down to stuff relevant to his campaign for the House. You can begin posting your questions below. Jack will

Open Thread Town Hall With Libertarian House Candidate Jack Seaman On Wednesday

A while back we did an open thread town hall (patterned after Reddit’s Ask Me Anything threads) with Rep. Kevin Cramer. This week we’ll be holding another event, this time with one of Cramer’s opponents this election cycle. Jack Seaman, a Fargo-area businessman who is running for the US House on the Libertarian Party ticket,

Poll: George Sinner Trails Kevin Cramer By 20 Points In Potential Matchup

According to North Dakota Democrats, they’ll finally be announcing a US House candidate next week to take on Republican incumbent Rep. Kevin Cramer. Of course, we’ve heard this “next week” stuff before from Democrats before, so I guess we’ll see. The time for dithering is growing short, though. In order to have a candidate on

North Dakota Libertarian House Candidate Makes Television Ad Buy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about North Dakota Libertarian Party House candidate Jack Seaman launching the first campaign ad of 2014. Not it appears as though that ad will be coming to your television screens soon. I’m told Seaman has purchased 117 thirty-second spots on three Fox stations – KVRR in Fargo, KNRR

Polling Shows Republicans Kevin Cramer, Doug Goehring Way Ahead Of Possible Democrat Challengers

A source has shown me some internal Republican polling on two of the races that will be on the ballot for North Dakotans this year. First, some caveats. This is an internal poll conducted by a Republican source. Also, I wasn’t provided a lot of the details on the poll such as the demographic breakdowns,