North Dakota Libertarian House Candidate Makes Television Ad Buy


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about North Dakota Libertarian Party House candidate Jack Seaman launching the first campaign ad of 2014.

Not it appears as though that ad will be coming to your television screens soon. I’m told Seaman has purchased 117 thirty-second spots on three Fox stations – KVRR in Fargo, KNRR in Pembina and KJRR in Jamestown – and the ad will begin airing today.

That’s not a very big buy, but impressive given that Seaman doesn’t seem to be actively fundraising yet. It’s pretty clear that Seaman sees the current vacuum in the House race – with Cramer resting on his laurels until Democrats put up a candidate, and Democrats seemingly unable to find a candidate willing to get in the race – as an opportunity and he’s taking advantage of it to the extent he can.