Open Thread Town Hall With Libertarian House Candidate Jack Seaman On Wednesday


A while back we did an open thread town hall (patterned after Reddit’s Ask Me Anything threads) with Rep. Kevin Cramer.

This week we’ll be holding another event, this time with one of Cramer’s opponents this election cycle. Jack Seaman, a Fargo-area businessman who is running for the US House on the Libertarian Party ticket, will join us at 6:00pm on Wednesday.

At 5:00pm that day I’ll put up an open thread allowing you folks to start putting up your questions. At 6:00pm Seaman will begin answering them.

We went for an hour with Rep. Cramer. Seaman says he’ll probably do more than that, sticking around as long as he’s got questions coming in.

Usually the comments section here on SAB are wide open, but for the sake of clarity in these town hall threads comments will be limited to questions and answers with the candidate.