LegitSlater: Why Do Libs Assume Minorities Can't Figure Out How to Vote?


This past week brought us news of yet another assault on the voting rights of minorities, this time from ND Dem-NPL Sectretary of State Candidate April Fairfield. If you were to ask her, the State’s new voter ID laws are just too onerous for her assumed constituency to be able to both understand and comply with. She also offered up some apparent “solutions” by advocating for more forms of ID, such as:

  • Military and Veteran ID’s
  • Conceal and Carry Permits
  • Game and Fish Licenses
  • Passports if used in conjunction with proof of residency like a utility bill

Conveniently left out of her rant was the fact that the alternatives offered are either much harder to acquire than the currently accepted forms of ID, require another form of photo ID to obtain, cost more to obtain, or don’t meet part of the intent of the photo ID requirement — not only verifying you can vote, but (based on your address) ensure you are eligible to vote in the district you are voting in. But why let facts get in the way of a few sound bytes.

As Rob pointed out in this post, the new laws were not a boon to the disenfranchisement business for those evil Republicans. Far from it actually. Voting went smoothly, opportunity was provided for people without correct ID to produce it, and few were turned away for not being in compliance with the law. I think that is as much because of the simplicity of the requirement as it is because of the aggressive effort on the part of the Secretary of State to ensure as many citizens as possible were aware of the law change.

But that still doesn’t stop Liberals from bringing out their old friend — voter disenfranchisement — and inviting along sidekick minorities and elderly hit hardest to the Talking Points smorgasbord. But like any buffet, the best of selections can look and taste pretty unappealing when left out too long. Such is the case here.

As I read through the talking points (again), I couldn’t help but think that Liberals like Fairfield simply don’t give the electorate enough credit to figure these things out for themselves based on the information provided (and plenty was). They take great pains to point out their disdain for the intellect and abilities of minorities and the elderly especially in this regard. How could people in these particular groups not be offended by the disregard shown them? After all, had conservatives or the NDGOP (not to be confused with each other in this state) had their candidate do the same, cries of racism and ageism would have been in abundance.

Personally speaking, I think those labels fit Fairfield and the ND Dem-NPL after this latest attempt to make hay, and they should wear them. North Dakota still has some pretty loose voting laws. If you show up for 30 days (like many college kids) we have a ballot for you. We don’t register; an anomaly in otherwise accepted voting practices. And even with the law change, we give people an option for a free, acceptable ID. If you leave that ID at home, you still have a chance to produce it to validate your vote.

Rolling out the minorities and elderly hit hardest argument is not only stale, it is insulting to them and their dignity. Prejudice is painting all in a group with a brush dipped in one stereotype, and that is exactly what Fairfield and the Dem-NPL has done here. It’s time for new talking points that aren’t as hurtful nor as ignorant.