State Officials: No Illegal Immigrants Being Placed In North Dakota So Far


America’s southern border is under siege from a surge of illegal immigrants, particularly children, seeking asylum here. In dealing with that crisis, the Obama administration has taken to placing illegal immigrants in American communities without providing specifics.

Officials in Nebraska and Illinois have been dismayed to learn that hundreds of illegals have been placed in their states without even the courtesy of a notice from the administration.

“My worry is the administration doesn’t want people to know what the condition of these place are or how these kids are being treated in detention,” Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican, told Fox News. “Kids can sometimes to be pretty cruel to each other, they don’t want those stories to get out and they don’t want us to know what is going on in these detention facilities. These detention facilities should be completely open to the press and to the American people so that we know how what conditions are, we should be able to talk to the kids who are there.

Where else is this happening? It’s hard to say, but officials here in North Dakota say they haven’t been notified of any placements.

Rep. Roscoe Streyle, a Republican from Minot, requested that Legislative Council inquire as to any placements in the state. “We contacted representatives of the Attorney General, Adjutant General, and the Department of Human Services regarding the placement of illegal immigrants in North Dakota,” Legislative Council told Streyle in a response he shared with me. “Representatives of all three agencies stated they are not aware of any illegal immigrants being placed in North Dakota.”

Rep. Streyle received this reply on July 8th.

Of course, given the experience other states have had and the less-than-transparent way the Obama administration is handling the matter, would state officials even know?