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State Auditor Joshua Gallion testifies last week before a legislative conference committee about his office's budget. Gallion has told legislators that without additional resources, his office may have to decline to perform some audit requests. Diane Newberry / North Dakota Newspaper Association

Guest Post: Legislature Was Right to Tie the Hands of the Auditor

Guest Post: Legislature Was Right to Tie the Hands of the Auditor

This guest post was submitted by Roscoe Streyle, a resident of Minot and former state lawmaker. There has been a big fuss by the State Auditor and some of his minions about legislative action to bring about some semblance of organization and communication with the legislature about doing performance audits.  I think a review of

State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt testifies on a bill clarifying North Dakota oil extraction tax allocations Wednesday, March 13, 2019. John Hageman / Forum News Service

Roscoe Streyle: The Law Is Not Ambiguous, Lawmakers Must Make the State’s Constitutional Funds Whole

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle, a former member of the state House of Representatives. In 1889 the State of North Dakota, through an act of Congress called The Enabling Act, received a gift of over 3 million acres of land from the Federal Government for the purpose of funding public

EERC Principal Research Scientist Ramesh Sharma works in his lab at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. (Photo courtesy of EERC)

Roscoe Streyle: The Best Way to Diversify North Dakota’s Economy Is to Invest in Research

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle. What is the one thing the Legislature could do to set the stage for economic diversification?  Yes, there’s many, but the one that could have the biggest impact for the least amount of money: Invest in R&D, Research and Development, not just research in general,

Mary Stark Elementary School second-grade student Chase Gumeringer uses an iPad with his classmates in teacher Tammy Bopp’s room in Mandan in 2016. (MIKE MCCLEARY, BISMARCK TRIBUNE)

Roscoe Streyle: North Dakota Won’t Be the Best Place for Education if We Don’t Make the Investments

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle who served in the state House from 2011 to 2018. What are the Governor, Legislature, ND University System (NDUS) or the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) doing to improve the educational delivery system, content, educational opportunities and the learning experience for North Dakota students?  What are they

Governor Doug Burgum delivers his State of the State Address in front of a joint session of the 66th legislature. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Roscoe Streyle: Some Lawmakers Are Basing Policy Decisions on Their Dislike of Governor Burgum

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle. There has been a lot of talk about the state’s budget and the process over the past numbers of years for various reasons. Too much revenue, too little revenue, too much spending, not enough spending, too much savings, bad projections. Governor’s budget versus the Legislature’s

Crews work at an oil well site near Williston, N.D., on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service

Roscoe Streyle: The Oil Industry Is Taxed Enough Already

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle. Do more, pay more, we hear it every day from the Democrats.  The only thing they know how to do is attack the Oil and Gas Industry.  The question is why?  This is an industry that directly and indirectly supports over 70,000 North Dakota jobs,

Gov. Doug Burgum presents his vision of challenges and opportunities facing the North Dakota University System in the face of technological disruptions. He spoke to an interim legislative committee meeting at North Dakota State University on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017. Patrick Springer / The Forum

Roscoe Streyle: How to Change the Governance of the North Dakota University System

This guest posts was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle. Does the North Dakota University System really need to be changed?  The age old question. There are only two options in my mind, two-tiered system or enhancing the current system. Here are the options: 1) Enhance Current System – My Choice Add a four additional

This rendering by JLG Architects of Dickinson shows the proposed facade for the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, originally planned for the Dickinson State University campus. A revised concept will be drawn for the library's location at Medora in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Special to The Forum / JLG Architects

Roscoe Streyle: Let’s Build the Teddy Roosevelt Library

This guest post was submitted by Minot resident Roscoe Streyle. In the debate over the proposed Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library, it’s time to recognize that Tourism is a massively important industry in North Dakota and dollars invested in promoting and expanding the tourism opportunities will return the amount invested many times over. Tourism is one

Kevin Melicher

SBHE Member Kevin Melicher Is Out as Six Candidates Advance to Fill Vacancies

Kevin Melicher, who was appointed to the State Board of Higher Education by former Governor Jack Dalrymple, was never perceived as a strong pick. He embarrassed himself in front of a state Senate committee reviewing his appointment, and that appointment was only narrowly approved by a vote of the full chamber after a lengthy debate.

Podcast: Tax Commissioner Defends Income Tax Cuts, Lawmaker Says Governor’s Office Audit Is a “Witch Hunt”

Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger was on the radio show today and responded to a Grand Forks Herald editorial suggesting the state had gone too far in cutting income taxes. The editorial suggested that successive cuts to income tax rates starting during the 2009 session have narrowed the state’s tax base making us more dependent on