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Funding for North Dakota Homeless Shelters Has Not Been Cut, It’s Been Made Discretionary

Funding for North Dakota Homeless Shelters Has Not Been Cut, It’s Been Made Discretionary

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been seeing reports about supposed “cuts” to programs like Meals on Wheels and, most recently, homeless shelters. Except these reports often aren’t accurate. Or, at the very least, lack the nuance they deserve. For instance, the budget amendment which supposedly cut funding for the Meals on Wheels program

SAB/VNL Poll: Al Jaeger, Wayne Stenehjem Have Big Leads Over Democrat Opponents

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was first elected to office in 2000. Secretary of State Al Jaeger was first elected in 1992. According to polling results from DFM Research, sponsored by SayAnythingBlog.com and Valley News Live, both men have a very strong chance to win re-election. The SAB/Valley News Live poll was conducted by

NDGOP Statewide Candidates Cash Advantage, But Dems Close In Ag Commission Race

The candidates for statewide office in North Dakota have filed the pre-general general election reports, and to the extent that fundraising can tell us anything, it appears as though most Republican candidates have a pretty major advantage over Democrats heading into November. Here’s a breakdown of the numbers from the pre-general reports. All Republicans vs.

Bad Sign For Liberals: ND Democrats Must Really Be Worried About The Student Vote

North Dakota Democrats seem to be intensely focused on the college student vote at a time when they need to be focused on expanding their appeal beyond constituencies they already own. Some examples: Democrat Agriculture Commission candidate Ryan Taylor – instead of talking about ag or energy issues – has focused his campaign on student

LegitSlater: Why Do Libs Assume Minorities Can't Figure Out How to Vote?

This past week brought us news of yet another assault on the voting rights of minorities, this time from ND Dem-NPL Sectretary of State Candidate April Fairfield. If you were to ask her, the State’s new voter ID laws are just too onerous for her assumed constituency to be able to both understand and comply

Voter ID Proves Not To Be A Problem For Vast Majority Of North Dakotans

North Dakota Democrats have gone on the offensive with regard to the state’s new voter ID program. Earlier this week, Democrat Secretary of State candidate April Fairfield went so far as to accuse Republicans of passing new voter ID laws in order to suppress the college student and Native American vote. “It had nothing to

Democrat Secretary Of State Candidate Proposes More Forms Of ID For Voting

North Dakota Democrats have been pounding the state’s new voter ID law passed by the Legislature last year. They’re blaming the record-low voter turnout in the June election last month on the law, though some (including myself) might suggest that had more to do with few competitive races and a high level of voter satisfaction

Thoughts On The North Dakota Primary Election Results: Republicans Had 75 Percent Vote Advantage

Last night North Dakota held its statewide primary election. The June election can be a difficult one to figure. The turnout is always lower than other elections, particularly in midterm election cycles, and it can be influenced by a few competitive races or compelling ballot measures at the local level. That being said, perhaps we

Democrat Secretary Of State Candidate Attacks Ballot Measure Reform Amendment

April Fairfield, the Democrat challenger taking on incumbent Republican Secretary of State Al Jaeger this year, just ripped Measure 1 which voters will cast their ballots for on the June ballot. What is Measure 1? It was created when the Legislature passed HCR3034, which is a constitutional amendment to change the deadline for submitting ballot measures

Polling: Goehring Polls Better Than Estenson Against Taylor, Fairfield Way Behind Jaeger

I have some polling from the Brighter Future Alliance – a North Dakota based 501c4 non-profit committed to promoting the free enterprise system and pro energy development public policy, as they describe themselves – in the Agriculture Commissioner and Secretary of State races. Full disclosure: The Brighter Future Alliance was founded by Pat Finken who is