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North Dakota The Second Richest State In The Nation

North Dakota The Second Richest State In The Nation

Thanks to an oil boom, and some very good years in agriculture, North Dakota has shot to the top of the list when it comes to personal income levels. In terms of per-capita personal income, North ranked 7th in the nation in 2013 at $53,182. But what happens if we take things like taxation and cost

In 2014 Americans Will Pay More For Taxes Than Food, Clothing And Shelter Combined

If you’re like me, you’ve procrastinated on your taxes and now you’ve got to rush and get them done by the deadline. I know I’m looking forward to a long, angry weekend of sorting receipts and filling out worksheets. So, to cheer us on our way, there’s this. The Tax Foundation has their annual Tax

Video: ND Democrat Says Tax Cuts Might Make The Economy Too Friendly For Business

Yesterday was a very interesting day in the North Dakota House. They were in floor session for something like seven hours, and considered a lot of very controversial bills. I thought I’d highlight a couple of the sillier comments that jumped out at me from all that talking. First, here’s Rep. Corey Mock, arguing against

In Passing New Anti-Gun Laws, New York Should Have Remembered Failures Of Anti-Tobacco Laws

The State of New York is making headlines as the first state in America to pass new gun control laws after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Connecticut. These laws seem calculated to ban guns not through outright prohibition but through regulatory attrition. New Yorkers, among other things, will now have to get a background

Due To High Taxes, Sixty Percent Of New York Cigarettes Are Bootlegged

Wow: A new study released by the Tax Foundation shows that over 60 percent of cigarettes are smuggled in to New York to avoid the state’s high cigarette taxes. The smuggled cigarettes are usually transported from states with lower taxes on cigarettes. New York State has some of the highest cigarette taxes in the nation