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Yes You Are, Republicans

Yes You Are, Republicans

My most recent Sunday print column was about the North Dakota Republican Party and the ways in which, fairly or unfairly, they seem to be losing the faith of the North Dakota electorate. My argument is that Republicans seem increasingly indifferent to how they’re perceived by the public. Last year voters approved Measure 1, a

NDGOP State Committee Votes Against Endorsing Legislation to End North Dakota’s Open Primaries

Tonight the North Dakota Republican Party voted against a resolution endorsing legislation aimed at ending North Dakota’s open primary system. Here’s the vote tally, per the party: 19-Yes 29-No 8-Absent/Not Voting The resolution would have needed 29 “yes” votes to pass, so it wasn’t particularly close. The issue was brought to the state party by District

Read It: Governor Burgum, Senator-Elect Cramer Tell NDGOP in Letter Not to Give up Open Primary

Last week I wrote about proposed legislation, being considered for endorsement by the North Dakota Republican Party, which if passed would end North Dakota’s open primary system. In our state the political parties hold endorsing conventions, but the actual nominees are chosen in a statewide vote in June of election years. Some, arguing that political

Legislation Could End North Dakota’s Open June Primary, Which Is Good in Principle but Could Be Bad for Republicans in Practice

Do most voters understand how candidates end up on the ballot in November? I’m not sure they do, and perhaps they can’t be blamed. Here in North Dakota, the process is a little convoluted. The political parties – Republicans, Democrats, sometimes even the Libertarians – hold a series of conventions to endorse candidates. First there

Survey Says 52 Percent of North Dakotans Consider Themselves Conservative, 10 Percent See Themselves as Liberals

WPA Intelligence, a Washington D.C.-based polling and research firm, recently presented some findings from research they did in North Dakota to the North Dakota Republican Party. You can see their full presentation below. There are some interesting details. For instance, this breakdown in how North Dakotans align in terms of ideology: Not surprisingly, North Dakota

NDGOP Executive Director Dane Ferguson Resigns

This morning Dane Jeremy Ferguson, a Grand Forks businessman who was hired as executive director of the North Dakota Republican Party in January of last year, resigned his position. “Executive Director Dane Ferguson has informed me of his intent to transition away from his role with the Party to pursue other business and family opportunities,”

Kelly Armstrong Wins NDGOP Convention Endorsement on First Ballot, Campbell Says He’ll Go to Primary

The voting is in for the NDGOP’s hotly contested House race. There were six candidates, but state Senator Kelly Armstrong still managed to win the endorsement on the first ballot. Here are the totals: Kelly Armstrong – 847 votes Tom Campbell – 480 votes Tiffany Abentroth – 27 votes Charles Tuttle – 24 votes DuWayne

Could Weather Factor Into Who Republicans Choose as Secretary of State Candidate?

So far this morning delegates here at the NDGOP convention have dealt with endorsements in mostly uncontested races. Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem both won their endorsements unopposed. Congressman Kevin Cramer, meanwhile, ended up being endorsed for the U.S. Senate race unanimously when his announced opponent Thomas O’Neill failed to make

Kevin Cramer Accepts NDGOP Endorsement for Senate as Opponent No-Shows

Congressman Kevin Cramer did actually have an opponent for the NDGOP endorsement in the U.S. Senate race today. I actually interviewed Thomas O’Neill live from the convention on my radio show yesterday. But when party Chairman Rick Berg called for additional nominations after Cramer addressed delegates O’Neill didn’t show. This resulted in a motion from