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Trump Surrogate Ben Carson To Speak At NDGOP Convention

Trump Surrogate Ben Carson To Speak At NDGOP Convention

Yesterday Mike Nowatzki had an article suggesting that there will be two high-profile keynote speakers at the North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention next month. Today I can report that one of those speakers will be former national candidate Ben Carson. Carson dropped out of the national GOP’s presidential nomination race earlier this month and has

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War Of Words Erupts In NDGOP Over Curly Haugland's Comments On Delegates

Curly Haugland, one of the North Dakota Republican Party’s elected representatives to the Republican National Committee, has caused quite a stir with comments about the presidential nomination process. According to Haugland, who sits on the RNC Rules Committee, all of these state votes getting intense attention from the media are meaningless. He says not a

Hundreds Of Activists Pack Republican District Conventions Across North Dakota

In his column today Mike Jacobs alludes to some interesting outcomes for Republican legislative races in three districts across the state: In District 28, William Kretschmar—a long-serving member of the North Dakota House—was defeated. He’s regarded as too tolerant on social issues. Likewise in District 36, Alan Fehr lost to a candidate who presented himself

ND Democrats Announce Kroll’s as State Convention Site (Satire)

With only about a month and a half to go before their 2016 state convention, the North Dakota Democratic-Non Partisan League has announced the location of their Bismarck-based event will be the Kroll’s Diner on the corner of 19th/ Airport Road and Main Street/ Old Highway 10. Party Chair Kylie Oversen emphasized that attendees should


Matt Evans: On Burgum, Ballots, Conventions, And Delegates

Yesterday, Doug Burgum confirmed that he is running for governor.  He’s calling himself a Republican.  However, he also explained that he was going to run as a Republican whether the Republican Party wanted him to or not. Confused? It’s confusing. It all has to do with how names get on ballots. Ever wonder how those

Drama In NDGOP As Woman Challenges Gender Roles In Party

Yesterday we got news that NDGOP Chairman Bob Harms was withdrawing his bid for another term in that position, leaving only state Senator Kelly Armstrong and activist Andrea Toman as the remaining activists. But then Toman switched her bid to run for party Vice Chairman, which is a position currently held by former Insurance Commissioner

NDGOP Chairman Robert Harms No Longer Running For Re-Election

Democrats chose a new chair for their party earlier this year, picking first-term lawmaker Rep. Kylie Oversen of Grand Forks. Now Republicans are working on who will lead their party in the 2016 election cycle and, unlike with Democrats, it’s something of a competitive process. Which isn’t surprising given how marginalized Democrats are in the

Todd Fuchs: North Dakota's Political Parties Haven't Been Following The Law

Almost 90 years ago, in the 20’s and early 30’s North Dakota was controlled by the Nonpartisan League. They had strong support in the small towns as they campaigned hard on populism driving as a party platform the plight of the small farmers struggling against the railroads, grain elevators, and large cattle buyers from back east

Local Republicans Say They're Ready To Sue State Party Over Reorganization Dispute

The leadership in the NDGOP’s District 10 organization say they’re ready to sue their own state party if they’re forced to re-organize. What follows is going to be a deep swim through the often arcane procedures of district-level partisan organization, but this is an important matter and I think the public should have some eyeballs