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NDGOP Recruiting SBHE President Kathy Neset for Possible Senate Run

NDGOP Recruiting SBHE President Kathy Neset for Possible Senate Run

Despite a great deal of disingenuous posturing, there’s no question that U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp is running for a second term in office. She’s raised a mountain of money already in the first quarter of 2017. You don’t do that if you’re genuinely planning to retire. So she’s running. Who will Republicans run against her?

Audio: New NDGOP Youth Leader Says Trump Has Created “New Wave” of Excitement Among Young Voters

Last week the North Dakota Republican Party announced the creation of a new position, that of Chairman of the North Dakota Young Republicans. Named to fill that position is 18 year old Langdon student Dawson Schefter who has a laundry list of accomplishments not the least of which is owning his own sign business for

Republicans Say Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline Ad in Newspapers Wasn’t From Them

Recently a full-page newspaper ad which ran in the Fargo Forum and the Bismarck Tribune on Sunday caused quite a stir. Not so much for the content, which is blatantly anti-law enforcement and anti-pipeline, but because of the group identified as paying for the ad. According to a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad,

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James Kerian: The NDGOP Has The Most Honest Delegate Selection Process

There’s a lot of public whining these days about the fact that North Dakota Republicans did not have a primary for the presidential race.  Instead everyone was eligible to vote at their local district meeting to elect delegates to the state convention and those delegates at the state convention then elected delegates to the national

NDGOP Convention Halted After Delegate Has Apparent Heart Attack

A scary moment at the NDGOP state convention today. While Governor Jack Dalrymple was addressing delegates party officials and security officials ran to the south side of the convention hall where a delegate had fallen ill. According to Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith, the delegate is father-in-law to Auditor candidate Josh Gallion, and he apparently

Scenes And Predictions From The NDGOP Convention: Beware "Parisian" Politics

Delegates and media and political flacks are filtering into the Scheels Arena this morning for the first day of the NDGOP convention. I think there were probably more people standing in line outside of the arena than there were seated delegates at the Democrat convention yesterday. The joke as people are coming in is the

Despite Supposed Focus On Legislature Democrats Have Just 37 Percent Of Candidate Slots Filled

Next weekend North Dakota’s Republicans and Democrats will hold their statewide conventions. In a preview of the events the Associated Press questioned Robert Haider, the executive director for the Democrats, on why his party has no candidates for most of the statewide races (they have nobody running for Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Public Service Commission, nor