Survey Says 52 Percent of North Dakotans Consider Themselves Conservative, 10 Percent See Themselves as Liberals


WPA Intelligence, a Washington D.C.-based polling and research firm, recently presented some findings from research they did in North Dakota to the North Dakota Republican Party.

You can see their full presentation below.

There are some interesting details. For instance, this breakdown in how North Dakotans align in terms of ideology:

Not surprisingly, North Dakota has a strong conservative and moderate presence. The liberal presence is almost non-existent. Democrats, to win on the statewide ballot here, must have support from at least some conservatives and most moderates.

Also interesting is Trump’s approval trend. He’s just a bit more popular today than he was a year ago:

Yet despite those strong approval numbers for Trump, and a generally right-of-center outlook for the state, just a plurality of North Dakotans see the country on the right track despite a Republican President and a Republican Congress:

Here’s the full presentation. According to the WPA press release which accompanied it, “The results were presented over the weekend to a meeting of the North Dakota Republican Party. ┬áDavid Wolfson, a Senior Client Strategist with WPAi, gave the presentation to state party leaders, elected officials, and candidates from across North Dakota.”

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