Kelly Armstrong Wins NDGOP Convention Endorsement on First Ballot, Campbell Says He’ll Go to Primary


The voting is in for the NDGOP’s hotly contested House race. There were six candidates, but state Senator Kelly Armstrong still managed to win the endorsement on the first ballot.

Here are the totals:

  • Kelly Armstrong – 847 votes
  • Tom Campbell – 480 votes
  • Tiffany Abentroth – 27 votes
  • Charles Tuttle – 24 votes
  • DuWayne Hendrickson – 1 vote
  • Paul Schaffner – 1 vote

This race might not be over, however, Campbell has said consistently that he’d run to the June primary ballot if he loses at the convention. Whether or not that will actually happen remains to be seen. I’m told that many in the party are pressuring him not to run so that Armstrong can begin a campaign against Democratic opponent Mac Schneider.

Also, Campbell hasn’t exactly been raising a lot of money. He’s been self-funding his campaign, for the most part. Does he have the appetite to drop another million or two on a primary campaign too?

UPDATE: Campbell says he’s running to the primary:

UPDATE: And here’s what Mac Schneider had to say: