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State Senator Merrill Piepkorn, a Democrat from Fargo, speaks against legislation loosening requirements for carrying a concealed carry weapons permit.

State Senate Votes to Loosen Requirements for Carrying Concealed Carry Permits

State Senate Votes to Loosen Requirements for Carrying Concealed Carry Permits

Under current North Dakota if you are the holder of a valid concealed carry permit but get caught carrying your weapon without your permit on your person you will be cited for a Class A Misdemeanor. Today the state Senate voted to loose that law a bit, passing by a 44-2 margin SB2139, introduced by

State Senator Janne Myrdahl, a Republican from District 10, speaks out on the floor of the state Senate against SB2043.

Video: North Dakota Senate Votes Down Changes to State Law to Reflect Legality of Gay Marriage

Love it or hate it, same sex marriage is legal now in all fifty states thanks to a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court. But today when the North Dakota State Senate attempted to pass SB2043, modifying state law to reflect that lawful marriage in our state is no longer just between a man and

Republicans Say Anti-Dakota Access Pipeline Ad in Newspapers Wasn’t From Them

Recently a full-page newspaper ad which ran in the Fargo Forum and the Bismarck Tribune on Sunday caused quite a stir. Not so much for the content, which is blatantly anti-law enforcement and anti-pipeline, but because of the group identified as paying for the ad. According to a disclaimer at the bottom of the ad,

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, R-Tx., delivers the keynote address during the NDGOP convention Saturday, April 2, 2016 in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Ted Cruz Campaign Feeling Out Another Visit To North Dakota

The Republican presidential race may end up paying another visit to North Dakota. Rumors are flying in political circles that Ted Cruz and/or Donald Trump may be paying a visit to the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference set to take place in late May in Bismarck. The event is put on by the North Dakota Petroleum

NDGOP Asks District 14 Chairman To Resign

When I posted my round up of candidates for the Legislature earlier this week, after the April 11 deadline to file with the Secretary of State’s office, I noted that the NDGOP would have a primary battle in all three races in District 14. House incumbents Jon Nelson and Robin Weisz are being challenged by

Ted Cruz Campaign Making A Play For North Dakota’s Unbound National Delegates

The North Dakota Republican Party’s state convention takes place this coming weekend in Fargo (the Democrats are holding theirs simultaneously in Bismarck), and it seems that at least one of candidates seeking the national GOP’s nomination for president is making a play for the state’s national delegates. Unlike other states, North Dakota’s Republicans did not

kevin cramer

Congressman Kevin Cramer Running His Own Presidential Straw Poll In North Dakota

With all the attention on the Iowa caucuses earlier this week, and the New Hampshire primaries this weekend, you may be wondering when North Dakotans will get a say on the presidential candidates.Well if you’re a Republican in North Dakota, you don’t really get a say as this KFYR story notes. To address that issue,

Audio: NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong Talks Dalrymple Retirement And 2016 Elections

I interviewed NDGOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong (who is also a state Senator from Dickinson) this morning while hosting the Hot Seat program on WDAY AM970, and we talked about Governor Jack Dalrymple’s decision to step down after his current term is through as well as the 2016 elections generally. I asked Armstrong about the potential


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