Podcast: Senator Hoeven Says Trump “Certainly” Deserves Nobel Prize if Korean Peninsula Is “Denuclearized”


Sen. John Hoeven checks out the simulation lab at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences during a tour Wednesday. At left is School of Medicine & Health Sciences employee Kristen Petersen. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Senator John Hoeven wasn’t quite ready to endorse President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize just yet, as his fellow North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer has done, but he did say that the President could be worthy of it.

“If he can denuclearize the Korean peninsula then certainly,” Hoeven said.

I also spoke to Hoeven about his Senate colleague Marco Rubio painting the Trump tax cuts as too heavily weighted in favor of corporations, a criticism Democrats across the nation and right here in North Dakota have deployed. Hoeven noted that Rubio did ultimately vote for the bill, and said his fellow Republican probably wanted a larger child tax credit in the bill.

“He wanted $2,500 and we ended up at $2,000,” Hoeven said.

There’s been a long delay in the Trump administration appointing a new U.S. Attorney for North Dakota. Drew Wrigley, who held that post during the George W. Bush administration, is Hoeven’s preferred candidate for the job. I asked the Senator why the appointment hasn’t happened yet. Hoeven said he felt the announcement would be coming soon.

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