Cramer Joins Fellow Members of Congress Nominating Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize

Should President Donald Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in bringing North and South Korea together for peace talks?

My position is…maybe. I’d like to see what the outcome is before we go handing out awards. I think giving Trump the peace prize at this point is premature. Just as it was when Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing more than beating John McCain in 2008.

But a group of members of Congress have signed on to a letter backing Trump for the prize, among them North Dakota’s own Kevin Cramer:

If you’re wondering if this is how the nomination process for the Nobel Peace Prize actually works, it does. Here’s the guidelines for how nominations happen for the peace prize (as opposed to the prize given for things like academic achievement in various fields) and among those allowed to nominate are “Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states.”

So the nomination is legitimate. And hey, who knows, maybe Trump will even win the Peace Prize. If things go well between North and South Korea I think he probably should win it.

But I’d like to wait and see if they do, in fact, go well.


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