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Poll Says Doug Burgum Is Third Most Popular Governor in America, Hoeven and Heitkamp Also Get Strong Numbers

Poll Says Doug Burgum Is Third Most Popular Governor in America, Hoeven and Heitkamp Also Get Strong Numbers

According to a poll by Morning Consult, North Dakota’s Doug Burgum is the third most popular governor in America. In polling conducted from January to March of 2017, Burgum put up a 69 percent approval rating with just 16 percent saying they disapprove. That’s up significantly from the 53 percent approval Governor Jack Dalrymple got

Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) speaks on the floor of the state House of Representatives in 2015. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Democrats Are Right to Worry About Property Tax Hike

Back during his gubernatorial campaign last year Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) warned that the state’s budget problems could result in property tax hikes. “[T]his is shaping up to be one of the largest property tax increases that people are ever going to be able to remember in history,” he said almost a year ago. “Everyone

House Majority Leader Al Carlson, left, was among a group of Republican lawmakers who sent a letter critical of Senator John Hoeven, right, over wind power subsidies.

State Lawmakers Criticize Sen. John Hoeven in Letter, Say Wind Companies “Use North Dakota” to “Mine” Tax Dollars

Wind energy has been a hot topic down in Bismarck this legislative session, and for good reason. As wind energy developers rush to build new developments in order to gobble up massive federal subsidies, and take advantage of a policy allowing them to sell all of their energy into the power grid before anyone else,

Senator John Hoeven

Audio: Senator John Hoeven Says Congress Didn’t Do Anything to Change Your Internet Privacy

Go just about anywhere on the internet lately and you’ll learn that Congress approved legislation which will let our ISP’s sell data pertaining to our use of the internet, and that Trump’s about to sign the bill. Yesterday I spoke with Congressman Kevin Cramer about the legislation, which he voted for, on my radio show. “This

Donald Trump speaks at a news conference in Bismarck, North Dakota US May 26, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Audio: Farm Bureau President Says He’s Not Worried About Impacts of Trump’s Budget on Agriculture

President Donald Trump has released his first budget from the White House, and North Dakota Senators John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp say they don’t like it. In particular, they say it will hurt agriculture. Congressman Kevin Cramer, for his part, has expressed some skepticism but says he’s open minded about it (which earned him a

Sen. John Hoeven. File photo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Senator Hoeven Says He Doesn’t Support Trump’s Budget When It Comes to Agriculture

Rural, “red state” America went for Donald Trump in a big, big way. His brand of fiery, and often crude, populism was cat nip for blue collar workers. Including those who work in the agriculture industry. That’s why Trump won states like North Dakota in a landslide. But I wonder if the realities of his

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp speaks Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in in Fargo, N.D. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Why Is Senator Heidi Heitkamp Protecting Obama’s Last Minute Methane Emission Rule?

On his way out the door earlier this year former President Barack Obama committed an act of regulatory vandalism. He instituted a last minute rule through the Bureau of Land Management targeting methane emissions from oil and gas development. It’s a rule, like so many of the Obama administration’s actions, aimed less at protecting the

Video: Left Wing Town Hall Activists Undermine Their Credibility by Screaming at Cramer and Exempting Heitkamp

The local iteration of Indivisible – a national left wing group created to harrass Republican members of Congress in their states/districts – challenged North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer to a town hall. Not surprisingly, since Cramer has a sterling reputation when it comes to a willingness to engage with the public, he obliged them by

Senator Heidi Heitkamp Dave Wallis / The Forum

Senator Heitkamp’s Fence Sitting on Federal Flaring Rules Is Perplexing

There is a push in Congress right now to disapprove an Obama administration regulation aimed at the oil industry. The so-called “venting and flaring” rule imposed by the Bureau of Land Management is so colossally broad it impacts not just federal lands but state lands as well. This rule creates a jurisdictional quagmire, which I’m

Contractors hired by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe work to clean up abandoned #NoDAPL protest camps

Hoeven: Army Corps Will Proceed With Issuing Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline as #NoDAPL Camps Clear Out

“Today, the Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer informed us that he has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline,” Senator John Hoeven says in a press release which just dropped in my inbox (see below). “This will enable the company to complete


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