Trump Invites Bison Football Team to the White House

This per a press release just out from Senator Hoeven’s office.

The full release is below. Here’s a video statement from Hoeven:

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“The NDSU Bison have won seven of the last eight FCS national football titles,” Hoeven is quoted as saying in the statement. “After a meeting with the President, I spoke with him about the Bison’s championship win. We appreciate him extending the invitation for the team to visit the White House. Historically, one of the great honors that comes along with winning a sports championship is to receive an invitation from the President to visit the White House. With NDSU’s history of excellence, it is only fitting that they be honored at the White House and we look forward to working with the President to coordinate the visit.”

Other sports teams, invited to the White House, have seen player protests. I wonder if we’ll see any of the same from the Bison?

Here’s the full release:

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