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Podcast: Senator Hoeven Says Trump “Certainly” Deserves Nobel Prize if Korean Peninsula Is “Denuclearized”

Podcast: Senator Hoeven Says Trump “Certainly” Deserves Nobel Prize if Korean Peninsula Is “Denuclearized”

Senator John Hoeven wasn’t quite ready to endorse President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize just yet, as his fellow North Dakota Republican Kevin Cramer has done, but he did say that the President could be worthy of it. “If he can denuclearize the Korean peninsula then certainly,” Hoeven said. I also spoke to

Senator Rubio, Talking About the Trump Tax Cuts, Sounds Just Like North Dakota Democrat Mac Schneider

Senator Marco Rubio is taking a swipe at the Trump tax cuts (tax cuts he voted for, we should remember) saying that they’re too helpful to corporations and not helpful enough for rank-and-file Republicans: “There is still a lot of thinking on the right that if big corporations are happy, they’re going to take the

Donald Trump Wins North Dakota Straw Poll

North Dakota’s Republicans didn’t hold a primary or a caucus this election cycle for reasons that are a little difficult to fathom. Some in the state party argue that it’s better for our states delegates, selected at the NDGOP’s statewide convention, to participate in the national convention without being bound by a vote to any

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North Dakota Is Trump/Carson Territory (With A Smattering Of Bernie Sanders)

The data mavens over at FiveThirtyEight.com took a look at the presidential nomination races as measured by Facebook likes. As you can see from the map above, North Dakota is Donald Trump/Ben Carson territory with a smattering of Bernie Sanders love in the urban areas (Grand Forks and Cass Counties) as well as counties encompassed

Maybe Money Can't Buy Elections

A rallying cry of the left in recent years has been the denunciation of money in politics. Particularly after the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United vs. FEC which found that political spending is 1st amendment protected free speech. The right decision, I think. Why shouldn’t we be able to spend our money promoting the ideas

Enough With The Fox News Celebrities Running For President

Given that I write about politics for a living my friends and family are often keen to ask me what I think of how the presidential race is shaping up. Can Hillary Clinton win? Who will Republicans pick from among their ever-growing cast of potential candidates? They’re often surprised to hear me express ambivalence about

If A Trade Embargo For Cuba Is Justified, Why Not China And Vietnam Too?

Yesterday Florida Republican Marco Rubio took to the floor of the Senate to lambaste a group of Senators, led by Tom Harkin of Iowa and including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkmap, who visited Cuba and delivered a glowing report from that country back here in America. Rubio, rightly I think, read his colleagues the riot act

No Tax Breaks For Winnings From The Olympics, Please

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, has introduced the Olympic Tax Elimination Act which would protect American participants in the Olympics from having to pay taxes on their winnings. America, like many other countries, pays athletes for medals. Gold medalists get $25,000, silver medalists get $15,000 and bronze medalists get $10,000. That’s income, and it’s susceptible to taxation,

Senator Rubio: America Can Make Immigrants Conservative

At the heart of opposition to immigration reform is fear, I think. Fear that an influx of new immigrants will upset the political balance. Steal jobs. Undermine our culture. Specifically, conservatives see granting amnesty to illegal immigrants as minting whole new generations of Democrat voters. Senator Marco Rubio addressed those concerns today in an impassioned