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James Kerian: District 10 GOP Leadership Should Be Emulated

James Kerian: District 10 GOP Leadership Should Be Emulated

District 10 (in the most northeast part of North Dakota) had its Republican endorsing convention in Park River on Saturday, February 20th.  There, in a four-way race, Janne Myrdal won the endorsement of the District 10 Republicans for the ND Senate with 207 out of the 364 ballots cast.  That’s right, there were 364 voters at a

James Kerian: Gratitude Has Replaced Courage As The Most Sorely Missed Civic Virtue

Fifteen to twenty years ago Clarence Thomas used to speak of courage as the fundamental virtue that was necessary (and most sorely lacking) in our political system.  At the time I believe he was probably right. But in our current political environment the virtue that is most lacking is gratitude. Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp is the

James Kerian: Those Who Are Not Leftists Must Stand Together On Supreme Court Nominees

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, is absolutely right that the American people will have a[nother] say in the next Supreme Court Justice and that they will get that say this fall. But certainly Obama should be expected to make a nomination. Obama was reelected in 2012 and given a mandate

James Kerian: Despite Recent Supreme Court Decision, North Dakota Pro-Life Laws Find Success

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States denied Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s request that they review a lower court decision striking down HB 1456.  That law, passed with bi partisan support through the legislature and signed by Governor Dalrymple, would have prohibited elective abortion when the victim is so thoroughly developed that their heartbeat can

James Kerian: Power Inequality Is A Greater Threat Than Wealth Inequality

For many years wealth inequality has been the outrage du jour among progressives/liberals (or whatever the Democrats are calling themselves these days).  While steadfastly avoiding any effort to actually alleviate income inequality they have used outrage over the incomes of hedge fund billionaires as an excuse to raise taxes on your local doctor, dentist or

James Kerian: Have Courage And Be Kind To Those Concerned About Immigration

Every year around Thanksgiving my liberal friends post to their facebook walls little memes about native Americans building a wall to keep out the pilgrims or otherwise mocking concerns about our porous borders.  This has always struck me as a strange historical parallel for the open-borders crowd to draw.  It’s not as if things went