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Plain Talk: “We Have No Interest in Trying to Screw Landlords,” ACLU Leader Says of Call for a Moratorium on Evictions

Plain Talk: “We Have No Interest in Trying to Screw Landlords,” ACLU Leader Says of Call for a Moratorium on Evictions

The ACLU of North Dakota, among other organizations, has called on Governor Doug Burgum to issue a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the coronavirus crisis. Dane DeKrey, a spokesman for the ACLU, says it’s about protecting renters but not making landlords the bad guys. “We have no interest in trying to screw landlords,” DeKrey

Plain Talk: Should We Be Letting Prisoners Out of Jail During the Coronavirus Crisis?

The coronavirus crisis has prompted policy makers in North Dakota, and across the nation, to look at reducing jail and prison populations by letting some low-risk offenders, and some folks in jail pre-trial because they can’t make bond, out into the general population. Is that the right move? On this episode of Plain Talk Dane

Plain Talk: Democratic House Candidate Criticizes His Party for Delays in Coronavirus Relief Bill

On this episode of Plain Talk, Zach Raknerud pointed out that many North Dakota Democrats are afraid to do interviews with me. “I don’t think that’s right,” he said. He’s the candidate North Dakota Democrats endorsed to challenge Republican Congressman Kelly Armstrong this cycle. He made that point while arguing that he intends to offer

Plain Talk: Education Professor Says North Dakota’s Push for Remote Education Has Been “Overly Bureaucratic,” Tells Parents Not to Worry About Kids Losing Ground

Dan Conn is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education and Kinesiology at Minot State University. In this episode of Plain Talk, he discusses the challenges related to mobilizing, as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, remote education solutions on the short timeline state leaders like Governor Doug Burgum and Superintendent Kirsten Baesler are asking for.

Plain Talk: This Year North Dakotans Will Likely Get Another Chance to Abolish Property Taxes at the Ballot Box

“I plan to raise in excess of $1.5 million for this.” That’s what state Rep. Rick Becker said on this episode of Plain Talk. He was describing a nascent campaign behind a new ballot measure, which would amend the state constitution to end North Dakota property taxes. The plan is to rely on donations from

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says There’s Been Much “Distasteful Cheerleading for a Health Disaster” in Coronavirus Response

Much of the political and news media response to the coronavirus outbreak is “distasteful cheerleading for a health disaster.” That’s what Senator Kevin Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk. Condemning a recent New York Times piece referring to coronavirus as “Trump’s virus,” Cramer said, “I don’t there’s any question some of the response

Plain Talk: Republican Legislative Incumbent Talks Pragmatism and Policy Versus Politics

Rep. Steve Vetter is a Republican from District 18 in Grand Forks. He was one of the Republican candidates elected in blue districts in North Dakota during the Trump wave of 2016. On this episode of Plain Talk, Vetter talks about how he won in a traditionally blue district, what he’s done since winning including

Plain Talk: Seeking a Third Term, Superintendent Baesler Says She’s Saved Parents Millions on College Tuition

Why should North Dakota Superintendent Kirsten Baesler get a third term in office? For one thing, she has saved North Dakotans millions on college tuition by expanding access to for high school students to courses that earn them college credit while still enrolled in the K-12 system. Baesler estimates that this policy has saved students

Plain Talk: Seven Years in the Making, Fighting Sioux Documentary to Be in Theaters This Spring

Bismarck-based filmmaker Matt Fern has been making a documentary about the controversy around the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname for seven years now. This spring, he’s finally ready to put it in front of audiences. The film, now called Fighting Over Sioux, will get a theatrical release in North Dakota this spring, to

Plain Talk: Burgum Talks About the Greta Thunberg Mural Controversy, His 2020 Challenger, Energy, Agriculture and Trump

“Art is art,” Gov. Doug Burgum said of controversy in Bismarck over a mural of activist Greta Thunberg. “Art is free speech.” On this episode of Plain Talk, he also discussed what he described as our “broken energy market,” which is contributing to the financial woes of a major coal-fired power plant owned by Great