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Plain Talk: Who Is Dr. Shelley Lenz, the Veterinarian Who Wants to Be Governor of North Dakota?

Plain Talk: Who Is Dr. Shelley Lenz, the Veterinarian Who Wants to Be Governor of North Dakota?

“I don’t have a party. I’m an independent.” That’s what Dr. Shelley Lenz told me on this episode of Plain Talk. Lenz is a veterinarian from western North Dakota who, despite her assertions of independence, is running for the North Dakota Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nomination. She said that part of the reason why she wants

Plain Talk: Sen. Cramer Talks About Great River Energy’s Financial Woes, Impeachment Acquittal, Mitt Romney Blowback and the State of the Union Address

Great River Energy says it’s facing some financial woes at it’s Coal Creek Station power plant. While coal power has seen some tough sledding nationally, this may be the first indication of those problems coming to North Dakota, where traditionally, the coal industry has proven more resilient. In this episode of Plain Talk, Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D.,

Plain Talk: Does Marijuana Lead to Satanism?

David Owen, a pro-marijuana activist, working to put legalization of recreational pot on North Dakota’s 2020 ballot, says a Legislative study into how to handle legalization has gone “off the rails.” A meeting this week of the committee overseeing an interim study intended to look into the logistics of implementing legal recreational marijuana policy, should

Plain Talk: ND Indian Affairs Commissioner Says Tribes Feel a Little Duped by Legislature’s Expansion of Gambling

“I don’t want to use the word ‘duped,’” North Dakota Indian Affairs Commissioner Scott Davis told me during this episode of Plain Talk. But then he went ahead and used it anyway. We were discussing the Legislature’s expansion of charitable gaming to include electronic pull-tab machines which essentially function like slot machines. Per a recent

Plain Talk: Rep. Beadle Once Voted to Put Eliminating the Treasurer’s Office on the Ballot, Now He’s Campaigning for It

With long-time Republican incumbent Kelly Schmidt opting not to run for another term, state Rep. Thomas Beadle (R-Fargo) would like to be North Dakota’s next Treasurer. He has also, previously, voted to put the question of whether or not we should even have a Treasurer’s office on the ballot, though on this episode of Plain

Plain Talk: Rep. Armstrong Says FBI Officials “Perjured Themselves” and Should Face Accountability

On this episode of Plain Talk, Congressman Kelly Armstrong talks about his efforts to hold the FBI accountable for their abuse and manipulation of the FISA court. Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified before a committee Armstrong serves on this week, and North Dakota’s at-large congressman thinks his findings deserve more public attention.

Plain Talk: Dem House Candidate Talks About His Campaign, His Issues, and Why Trump Is So Popular in North Dakota

Zach Raknerud is a young Democrat from Minot – he’s 26 years old and has been involved in state politics for the “better part of five years” – who has filed paperwork with the FEC to campaign for the U.S. House. He joined me to talk about that on this episode of Plain Talk. This

Plain Talk: How Does a Republican Win Over a Democratic Legislative District?

America is a deeply divided place in 2020. It’s hard for Republicans and Democrats to talk to one another about, well, much of anything. Yet in 2016, with President Donald Trump at the top of the ballot, North Dakota Republicans picked up a number of legislative seats from Democrats in parts of the state that

Plain Talk: Senator Cramer Says Impeachment Is Denying American Voters Their Power

“The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box,” Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the members of the U.S. House chosen to present the Democrats’ case for impeachment in the U.S. Senate, said this week. “For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” I asked Senator Kevin Cramer to respond

Plain Talk: Debating NDSU’s “Junk Mail” Sex Education Program

North Dakota State University has launched a program they call “Junk Mail” which sends condoms and sexual aids and information to students in the hopes of helping prevent disease and unwanted pregnancies. I think it’s a good program which social conservatives should support because it can help reduce abortions. Socially conservative columnist Roxane Salonen disagrees.