Podcast: Cramer/Heitkamp Debates, Kanye West, the David Refinery, Meridian CEO Bill Prentice, Commissioner Randy Christmann


On the radio show today North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann joined me to talk about a proposal to turn the benefits of the Trump tax cuts into refunds from North Dakota’s largest electrical utility (not to mention a guarantee for no rate increases for a couple of years). We also talked about the Davis Refinery project from Meridian Energy seeing some success before the commission with a complaint filed by left wing environmental activists getting dismissed.

Meridian CEO William Prentice also joined me to discuss the project.

I also discussed the debate over the Cramer/Heitkamp debates (or the lack of debates, more accurately) and Kanye West visting the White House.

Here’s the full show. If you can’t listen live, get the podcast:

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