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The Truth Is Inconvenient for Senator Heitkamp’s Political Strategy

The Truth Is Inconvenient for Senator Heitkamp’s Political Strategy

Last month I noted that Senator Heidi Heitkamp has put herself in a political position where she needs her constituents to feel pain. The self-styled “independent” voted with the rest of the national Democratic party against the Trump tax cuts. She has positioned herself in opposition to Trump’s efforts on trade. Heitkamps needs North Dakotans

Print Column: Heitkamp’s Control Over Her Carefully Cultivated “North Dakota Nice” Persona Is Slipping

How does a Democrat like Heidi Heitkamp get elected in a state like North Dakota where no other Democrat has won on the statewide ballot in a decade? She’s a master at playing the “North Dakota nice.” Except, she’s not really that nice. At least, not any nicer than most of the conniving, grasping politicians

Chase Iron Eyes speaks at his booth at the 2016 North Dakota Democratic-NPL state convention where he was seeking the party's nomination for Congress. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

North Dakota Democrats Schedule Rally With Group Which Supports the #NoDAPL Protesters

According to this report in the Bismarck Tribune, the North Dakota Democratic Party will be holding a rally in Bismarck on Sunday coordinated with the Lakota People’s Law Project (the Renewable Energy Caucus mentioned is, per the FEC, affiliated officially with the Democratic Party). The LPLP is a group which was and still is heavily invested

It Kinda Seems Like the Heitkamp Campaign Is Panicking

UPDATE: The Heitkamp campaign has clarified the Senator’s comments on the issue of Russia influencing the Senate race. Read below. A couple of things have happened which make me think that Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign is in full-on panic mode. For one thing the Democratic Senator gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart – yes, that Breitbart,

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is cheered on by delegates at her nomination for the United States Senate Saturday at the ND Democratic convention. Photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Heitkamp’s Polling Numbers Improve Slightly, Plurality Still Say It’s Time to Elect Someone Else

Since about February the polling has not been good for incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Not only have independent media polls consistently shown a 4 – 5 point lead for her challenger, Congressman Kevin Cramer but her approval number’s in Morning Consult’s monthly polling have plummeted over the last year. But there is, finally, some good

Kevin Cramer, surrounded by family and supporters, accepts the ND Republican endorsement for the US Senate Saturday at the ND Republican convention. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Podcast: “It’S Not My Job to Make Her Accessible” Cramer Says Scheduling Debates With Heitkamp

Congressman Kevin Cramer joined my radio show today for his weekly open phones segment, and I asked him about his opponent Senator Heidi Heitkamp telling the Bismarck Tribune about what she described as “Cramer’s unwillingness to schedule debates, including a nationally televised Fox News debate.” Cramer talks about about his accessibility to the public, and rightfully

A screenshot of an ad from the Senate Majority PAC, a political action committee closely aligned with Senate Democrats, claims Congressman Kevin Cramer "sold out" North Dakotans by voting for policy changes on meat labeling which Senator Heitkamp also voted for.

Heidi Heitkamp’s Allies Say Kevin Cramer “Sold Out North Dakota” by Supporting Policy Reforms Heitkamp Also Voted For

Over the weekend my colleague John Hageman wrote an article about the third party attack ads which are flooding North Dakota’s Senate race now, something which will be the case until November. Supposedly these ads are run by committees independent of the candidates, though in practice there isn’t always a whole lot of independence. Case

Congressman Kevin Cramer File photo

Cramer Campaign Asks Conservative Political Action Committee to Cease and Desist, Compares Them to “Scam PAC” Operation

Recently you may have seen a fundraising pitch from a group calling themselves the Conservative Campaign Committee launching a project they’re calling Operation North Dakota. The goal of the operation, per their release on the subject, is to defeat incumbent Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, but her opponent Kevin Cramer doesn’t want their help. Ryan Gill,

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., met with farmers and farm leaders at the NDSU Carrington Extension Research Center Friday to talk about the Senate version of the farm bill and concerns with loss of foreign markets due to tariffs. Keith Norman / Forum News Service

National Democrats Say North Dakota’s Senate Race Is Trending Away From Them

Interesting article from the Washington Post today profiling two Democratic Senate incumbents running for re-election in states President Trump won by wide margins in 2016, each candidate with a starkly different outlook on how things are going. In West Virginia, Senator Joe Manchin seems to be doing well. Political prognosticators see that race trending in

Cramer Congratulates Heitkamp for Appointment to Committee Negotiating Farm Bill Despite Previous Partisan Attacks From Her Campaign

When Congressman Kevin Cramer was appointed to be a member of the House conference committee to negotiate the farm bill Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign was livid. Heitkamp spokeswman Julia Krieger, who previously worked for far left attack dog Media Matters, called Cramer’s appointment “politics at its worse.” “Heitkamp campaign spokeswoman Julia Krieger called Cramer’s conference