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Print Column: The Left’s Climate Change Eschatology Obstructs Real Progress Like the Davis Refinery

Print Column: The Left’s Climate Change Eschatology Obstructs Real Progress Like the Davis Refinery

MINOT, N.D. — “Today in reading the news I realized you could replace the words ‘climate change’ with ‘God’s wrath,’” a friend said in an email this week. “It’s kind of a fun exercise.” It is fun, though the merriment is tempered by just how obnoxious the politics around the “climate change” debate have become.

Plain Talk: Meridian Energy CEO Says Davis Refinery Will Produce Less Pollution Than Theodore Roosevelt National Park

With two different legal battles going before the North Dakota Supreme Court, the fight over building the Davis Refinery in western North Dakota drags on. “I look back now and realize just how naive I was,” Bill Prentice, CEO of Meridian Energy, said of the process. Meridian is the company trying to build the refinery.

Print Column: In the Fight Over Oil, It’s Progressives Against Progress

MINOT, N.D. — The fight over the Davis Refinery, a crude oil project backed by Meridian Energy Group, has been an intriguing one to follow. In many ways it is a familiar story, pitting the energy industry and its desire for modern infrastructure against a political faction which would rather keep oil in the ground.

Regulations Should Facilitate Industry Not Block It

Regulations put in place to govern the development of things like oil pipelines and refineries were intended to facilitate those projects, not block them. The point was not to inhibit the build-out of that sort of infrastructure, which serves the production of energy products we all use, but rather to ensure it is done safely

Podcast: Cramer/Heitkamp Debates, Kanye West, the David Refinery, Meridian CEO Bill Prentice, Commissioner Randy Christmann

On the radio show today North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Randy Christmann joined me to talk about a proposal to turn the benefits of the Trump tax cuts into refunds from North Dakota’s largest electrical utility (not to mention a guarantee for no rate increases for a couple of years). We also talked about the

Judge Reviewing Davis Refinery Situation Says State Regulators Can’t Expand Their Jurisdiction Based on Speculation

The Dakota Resource Council, a local front group for the national environmental movement to impede fossil fuel development, has recently been making a stink about the Davis Refinery which is currently under construction near Belfield, North Dakota. In the past the DRC and other activists have opposed the refinery because, according to them, it’s too