Print Column: The Excuse Making for Heitkamp’s Election Day Loss Has Already Begun


MINOT, N.D. — With roughly three weeks to go until Election Day, North Dakota’s two Senate candidates find themselves in very different situations.

“We’re fighting a complacency issue right now,” Congressman Kevin Cramer said during a recent segment on my radio show, expressing concern that too many political observers have declared his campaign victorious before the votes are even tallied.

He’s got a point. Even Democrats have acknowledged Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is trailing in the polls, but a lot can happen in three weeks, especially if Republicans take their collective foot off the gas pedal.

I’m not sure Heitkamp can win this Senate race at this point, but Cramer could certainly lose it. Which seems to be something the candidate herself is rooting for. “In an interview on Wednesday, Heitkamp acknowledged she’s facing an uphill battle but hinted she believes Cramer could still self-immolate,” Politico reportedthis week.

It’s never good when a candidate is down to hoping their opponent bails them out.

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