North Dakota Liberals Get Hypocritical About Out-Of-State Pro-Life Funding


Now that pro-life legislation has been approved by the legislature, and as Governor Jack Dalrymple draws out this debate by taking his sweet time considering whether to sign or veto, Democrats and liberal interest groups have started talking about “out of state money” supporting the pro-life cause.

It came up during this debate between a pro-abortion activist and Senator Margaret Sitte on Chris Berg’s Valley News Live show:

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

And, humorously, even out-of-state pro-abortion activists have been complaining about support for the pro-life cause from out of state. “None of the bills originated in North Dakota,” Jordan Goldberg of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights told the New York Daily News. “All the bills came from out of state, every single one of them.”

That’s some high-octane hypocrisy right there.

But before our friends on the left get too high on their horses about out-of-state support for the pro-life cause, let’s remember two things.

First, every piece of pro-life legislation passed by this legislature did so with bi-partisan majority support from legislators elected by the people of North Dakota. So what if the ideas came from other states? States copy policy ideas all the time. Big deal.

Second, let’s not forget that when a constitutional amendment to protect religious liberty was on the ballot last year the left spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat it. The group, North Dakotans Against Measure Three, collected $739,452.52 in donations and according to the Secretary of State’s website not a single reported contribution came from inside North Dakota (and only $4,635.16 of that total went unreported).

And let’s not forget that the North Dakota Democrat party gets plenty of funding from out of state. According to the year-end report filed by the party with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office, Democrats took 77.5% of their more than $2.6 million in reported contributions from out of state sources.

Is the pro-life movement in North Dakota getting an assist from national sources? Absolutely. So is the pro-abortion movement. And when Democrats complain about it, they’re being hypocrites.