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Hypocrites: Anti-Gun Democrats Seeking Pro-Gun Candidates For Swingstates

Hypocrites: Anti-Gun Democrats Seeking Pro-Gun Candidates For Swingstates

On the national level the Democrat push to toughen gun control laws was undone by red-state, pro-gun Democrats who joined with Republicans to kill the effort in the Senate. But even as the push for tougher gun control policies continue, Democrat party officials are seeking more pro-gun candidates to run in the coming election. Democratic

North Dakota House Cares More About Arresting People Than Saving Lives

Earlier this session the North Dakota House passed HB1412 which would give amnesty to illegal users of alcohol – underage drinkers, basically – in cases of medical emergencies. The idea was that underage drinkers might not seek medical attention for someone who needed it out of fear of being arrested. So this change to the

North Dakota Liberals Get Hypocritical About Out-Of-State Pro-Life Funding

Now that pro-life legislation has been approved by the legislature, and as Governor Jack Dalrymple draws out this debate by taking his sweet time considering whether to sign or veto, Democrats and liberal interest groups have started talking about “out of state money” supporting the pro-life cause. It came up during this debate between a

Hall Of Shame: Rep. Hawken, Outspoken Opponent Of Pro-Life Bills, Wasn't In State For Votes

Fargo Rep. Kathy Hawken has made a lot of headlines of late as a supposedly pro-life Republican who is opposed to the pro-life legislation passed in the state legislature of late. Hawken’s opposition fits the media’s narrative about the legislation perfectly. Even though the legislation passed with wide, bi-partisan majorities Rep. Hawken allows the media

ND Dems Say They're Fundraising For The Kids, Really Fundraising For Their Party

Yesterday I wrote about North Dakota Democrats throwing a hissy fit over Republicans voting down a $1.2 million appropriation to give school kids a third helping of milk or juice (media reports have claimed it was only a $500,000 appropriation, but that’s inaccurate as the bill shows). In their attacks on Republicans for killing the

Shocker: Democrats Selling Their Vote Data To Big Corporations

Democrats may sell themselves to voters as the party standing against “big business,” but they’re also the political party willing to sell the voter data they collect to “big business” for big bucks. Now, the record of what people told Democratic volunteers may go up for sale — and not just to political groups. Democrats

Will North Dakota Democrats Be Dropping Their Opposition To Corporate Tax Relief?

Over the last several legislative sessions, because the State of North Dakota has been enjoying a tax revenue windfall, various tax relief measures have been debated before the legislature. One area of tax relief that has passed has been reductions in the corporate income tax rate, which Democrats hate. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider

Colleges Slashing Professor Hours Because Of Obamacare

What’s ironic is that I’m guessing most of the people now getting their hours slashed were big proponents of the Affordable Care Act: Many colleges are cutting back on the number of hours worked by adjunct professors, in order to avoid new requirements that they provide healthcare to anyone working over 30 hours per week.

Liberal Hypocrisy: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Sigh… the hypocrisy of liberals. You can’t make this stuff up. From The Wall Street Journal. The manager of a business in West Nyack, N.Y., Caryn McBride, was receiving vaguely menacing “negative correspondence” and phone calls. At least twice she made reports to police, in one case telling them “she was worried because an email