ND Dems Say They're Fundraising For The Kids, Really Fundraising For Their Party


Yesterday I wrote about North Dakota Democrats throwing a hissy fit over Republicans voting down a $1.2 million appropriation to give school kids a third helping of milk or juice (media reports have claimed it was only a $500,000 appropriation, but that’s inaccurate as the bill shows).

In their attacks on Republicans for killing the bill, Democrats have cast themselves as the defenders of the state children. The Democrats have even taken the sanctimonious step of putting little milk cartons on their legislative desks to collect donations to pay for the milk (we’re just supposed to ignore that almost nobody from the public is walking around on the floor of House to put money in the cartons).

But in a bit of hypocrisy which cuts straight through to what this is all really about, Democrats are also fundraising with their little milk stunt. Here’s a Democrat party fundraising email signed by Assistant House Minority Leader Corey Mock asking for donations not for a milk program for the kids but rather for the state party:


As I wrote yesterday, this isn’t about the kids. This is about partisan politics, and petty point-scoring.

Grow up, Democrats. The state has real issues that require adult discourse.