Rep. Kathy Hawken Claims Report That She Missed Abortion Votes Wasn't Factual


Earlier today Rep. Kathy Hawken (R-Fargo) had a legislative colleague pass to me her phone number. She wanted me to call about my post from over the weekend which broke the news that, despite being an outspoken opponent of pro-life legislation, Hawken took a little viva Las Vegas time instead of showing up to vote on some pro-life bills.

I’ve since called Rep. Hawken and left her a message, but in the mean time she has taken to Facebook to claim that I didn’t have my facts straight in my post:


The North Dakota chapter of the ACLU is attacking my report as well:

I’ve yet to hear from Rep. Hawken, or the ACLU, which facts it is I got wrong. The vote on the Senate version of the bills was held on Friday. That day, per dozens of status updates and Facebook photos, Rep. Hawken was on vacation in Las Vegas. Neither of these facts are in dispute, and the reaction I’ve seen from both the left and the right is disappointment and disgust that Rep. Hawken would miss votes on an issue she claims to care so much about.

Rep. Hawken can try to blame me all she wants, but I’m not the one who decided to take a vacation – while still collecting legislative pay – in the middle of the legislative session.