Video: Pro-Life, Pro-Abortion Rallies Compete In North Dakota


I don’t have any news about the turnouts for the pro-life and pro-abortion rallies from other places in the state, but here in Minot it sure seemed to me like the pro-lifers had a much bigger crowd.

The challenge is that the two protests weren’t gathered the same way. The pro-abortion folks were all grouped together on the steps of the Ward County Courthouse:

2013-03-25 17.46.50

Meanwhile, the pro-lifers were all stretched out along about a three-block strip of south Broadway near the Scandinavian Heritage Center. Here’s the best picture I could take (shooting from across Broadway was impossible due to the traffic):

2013-03-25 17.32.49

I also took video of a drive-by of the pro-life protest:

My my estimates (and I’m horrible at estimating these things) I’d say the pro-abortion folks got about 50, and the pro-life people got in excess of 100.

If anyone has photos or videos from other rallies around the state, send them to and I’ll post them.

Meanwhile, Governor Jack Dalrymple has the abortion bills on his desk for signature.

Update: Here’s the pro-abortion crowd in Fargo, complete with “Viva la Vulva” sign. Classy.

Here’s the pro-abortion protest in Grand Forks: