North Dakota House Votes To Stop State Enforcement Of New Federal Gun Control Laws


This was much heated debate on the floor of the North Dakota House today over HB1183, introduced by Rep. Roscoe Streyle (R-Minot), which would prohibit the use of state resources to enforce any new federal gun control laws.

Earlier today the House passed several laws easing up on concealed carry restrictions in the state – opening the door for carry in churches, schools and public gatherings – but Streyle’s bill was by far the most controversial.

Rep. Eliot Glassheim (D-Grand Forks) called the bill “nullification” and said it would be the “first step toward civil war.”

“If this passes I’m not going to say the pledge [of allegiance] any more,” he said.

But Rep. Streyle and others pointed out that the bill isn’t a nullification bill, but rather a restriction on the use of state resources. The federal government is free to enforce whatever federal gun control law they wish. State law enforcement, however, will not enforce the law. Given that the Obama administration argued against the State of Arizona enforcing federal immigration laws in the president’s last term, you’d think that would be a fairly non-controversial position.

Anyway, the bill passed on a 50-42 vote. I’ll have video of the debate later.