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Bernard Olson: We Can’t Afford the Democrats’ Meritless Immigration System

Bernard Olson: We Can’t Afford the Democrats’ Meritless Immigration System

This guest post was submitted by Bernard Olson, a retired Deputy Patrol Agent from Bottineau. President Trump has long supported a merit-based immigration system, but the Democrats remain committed to opening our borders to freeloaders who sap resources from welfare programs designed to help American citizens. A report just released by the Center for Immigration Studies finds that illegal

President Trump Shouldn’t End Birthright Citizenship Through Executive Order

In an interview with Axios, President Donald Trump has announced that he’ll attempt to end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants by way of an executive order. I say attempt, because any order his administration issues is sure to be immediately challenged in the courts, and his ability to change this policy unilaterally

This Is Why Right-of-Center Americans Don’t Trust the Journalism Industry

I awoke this morning to two stories in my news feed I feel are pretty strongly related to one another. First was the results of a Pew Research study into public perceptions of the media. According to Pew, far more right-of-center Americans distrust the journalism industry than their left-of-center neighbors: Fresh data affirm a long-running

Governor Burgum Says He’d Send National Guard Troops to the Border if Asked

One element of the political posturing around the issue of President Donald Trump’s new zero tolerance policy at the southern border, which has resulted in the side effect of separating families in accordance with past court decisions, is that some Governors are withdrawing their state’s National Guard troops from border duty and vowing not to

For Democrats Bashing Donald Trump Is Apparently More Important Than Their Policy Agenda

In the Washington Post today Marc Thiessen has a column that, while condemning President Trump’s alleged “sh*thole” comments (and acknowledging there is a dispute over whether he said them), rightly points out that Democrats seem to have some really poor priorities. They apparently think scoring petty political points against the President is more important than meaningful

NDSU Sends Out Email Supporting “Dreamer” Students Impacted by Trump’s DACA Recision

President Donald Trump, who is visiting North Dakota later today to talk about tax reform, announced recently that he would be phasing out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy implemented by executive order by the Obama administration. If you’re not up to speed on this issue, that policy is a de facto amnesty for illegal

Taxing Mexican Imports Means American Taxpayers Will Be Paying for the Border Wall

President Donald Trump insists that Mexico will be paying for his proposed border wall between our two countries. Mexico, meanwhile, has pushed back saying they definitely aren’t paying for America’s wall. Yesterday the Trump administration finally floated an idea for how they might get Mexico to pay for the wall despite their unwillingness to do

James Kerian: Have Courage And Be Kind To Those Concerned About Immigration

Every year around Thanksgiving my liberal friends post to their facebook walls little memes about native Americans building a wall to keep out the pilgrims or otherwise mocking concerns about our porous borders.  This has always struck me as a strange historical parallel for the open-borders crowd to draw.  It’s not as if things went

James Kerian: Our Immigration Policies Will Continue To Be Driven By Demographics

Following the recent attacks in Paris western nations are pretending, once again, to have a discussion about how many immigrants they should allow into their country and where they should allow those immigrants to come from. In this pretend discussion one side emphasizes the plight of refugees and the sense of solidarity that we ought