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Audio: Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Says Constitutional Carry Hasn’t Slowed Demand for Concealed Carry Permits

Audio: Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem Says Constitutional Carry Hasn’t Slowed Demand for Concealed Carry Permits

Earlier this year North Dakota lawmakers passed “constitutional carry” legislation which essentially allows any lawful gun owner to carry a firearm concealed without a permit. Yesterday, during a radio interview about national reciprocity legislation (which passed the House last night), Stenehjem said there’s still plenty of demand for permits despite that reform. “I thought…we’d see

North Dakota Will Get Constitutional Carry as Governor Burgum Announces His Approval

Earlier this week the state Senate passed a House bill allowing for North Dakota citizens with one year of residency to carry concealed weapons without a permit. The bill went to Governor Doug Burgum’s office and, despite his campaign last year where he touted strong support for gun rights, there was concern that he might

Governor Burgum Is Undecided on Constitutional Carry Legislation

Yesterday the state Senate passed a House bill allowing North Dakotans who are not otherwise prohibited by law to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Because the Senate did not make any amendments to the bill, it now goes to Governor Doug Burgum’s office. But will he sign it? Burgum campaigned on his support for

State Senate Votes to Loosen Requirements for Carrying Concealed Carry Permits

Under current North Dakota if you are the holder of a valid concealed carry permit but get caught carrying your weapon without your permit on your person you will be cited for a Class A Misdemeanor. Today the state Senate voted to loose that law a bit, passing by a 44-2 margin SB2139, introduced by

Read It: Legislation Would Make It Legal for North Dakota Citizens to Carry Concealed Weapons Without a Permit

State Rep. Rick Becker is in the process of introducing legislation which would allow citizens of North Dakota to carry concealed weapons without a permit. The legislation hasn’t been filed yet – Becker is still circulating it among his colleagues for additional sponsorship – but he was kind enough to give me a copy of

Despite Bigger Staff North Dakota Attorney General Still Sees Delays In Processing Concealed Carry Permits

In North Dakota’s red hot gubernatorial primary race between Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Fargo businessman Doug Burgum, the latter has criticized the former for growth in the size of his department’s budget. And it has grown, by more than 42 percent from the last biennium to the current one. One defense of that growth

North Dakota Will Debate "Constitutional Carry" Legislation In 2017

Last week the State of Mississippi became the 9th state in the union to embrace what gun rights proponents call “constitutional carry,” or the right to carry lawfully-owned guns concealed without a permit. North Dakota lawmakers are already talking about following suit ahead of their 2017 session which will begin in January after the November

Reality Has A Pro-Gun Bias: Concealed Carry And Gun Sales Up, Murders Down

During President Obama’s time in office the number of concealed carry permit holders has skyrocketed (as have gun sales). Yet, despite the correlation anti-gun activists insist exists between keeping and bearing and violence, murders rates are down. Since 2007, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared from 4.6 million to over 12.8 million, according

Video: Democrat Lawmaker Says Concealed Carry Bill Will "Open Up The Door To Terrorists"

HB1241 is legislation that cleans up and simplifies North Dakota law governing concealed carry. As amended it makes a number of changes to the law such as expanding concealed carry in establishments that sell alcohol. Currently you can’t carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. Under HB1241, you can conceal carry in establishments that serve

Democrats Fight To Keep ND Gun Laws Complicated: "Bullets Don't Discriminate"

A bill introduced by Rep. Ben Koppelman (R-Fargo) to allow politicians to carry concealed in public buildings failed on a narrow margin earlier this morning, but another bill he introduced to simplify gun laws and expand carry rights had more success. Democrats weren’t too enthused with it, but it passed on a largely party-line vote