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As Democrats Pursue Impeachment They Should Promise to Let Trump Run for Re-Election

As Democrats Pursue Impeachment They Should Promise to Let Trump Run for Re-Election

I don’t think the House of Representatives is actually going to impeach President Trump. I could be wrong, but as we approach another election year, I suspect certain political realities are going to set in. Impeachment isn’t nearly as popular with the broader electorate as it is among Democrats even amid the revelations about Trump’s

James Kerian: Conservatives Expect Too Much Of Constitutional Amendments

Nearly three years ago Mark Henrie wrote a facinating article on “What Conservatives Want.” His thesis was that: “They want to stop the historical forces that threaten to efface things held dear. More deeply, however, what conservatives really want is to forge, or discover, or reach a new historical dispensation in which the historical process would not be automatically

Curtis Olafson: America Needs A Constitutional Convention

The article submitted by “Game ND” (“From The Left: Why Are ND Republicans Promoting A Constitutional Convention?”) contains a significant amount of misinformation that warrants correction. Game ND appears to have not researched the history of the deliberations of our Founding Fathers regarding the state-initiated Article V process when they adopted Article V during the

From The Left: Why Are ND Republicans Promoting A Constitutional Convention?

Every two years, when the North Dakota Legislature meets, they have the opportunity to promote Constitutional Amendments to the United States Constitution through a process of Concurrent Resolutions. Each year, the North Dakota Legislature, which is very conservative, will send messages to congress saying they need to spend less, tax less, and do other things

Rod St. Aubyn: Where are the Checks and Balances?

The framers of our Constitution were brilliant men. They constructed a government with built-in “checks and balances” to ensure that no one branch of government would unnecessarily take control of our government. Through the many years, only a few changes to our constitution have been necessary. However as our country and its government has evolved

LegitSlater: Bungled Arson Case a Good Reminder to Know Then Assert Rights

Back on June 23rd I wrote a post highlighting the importance of first knowing, then asserting, your Constitutional rights. At the end of that post I stated I would do my part to raise awareness on this topic over the course of several columns (not consecutively), and recent events in North Dakota have provided the occasion

LegitSlater: We Can Make Gay Marriage Work

As we learned earlier this month, North Dakota will join the ranks of other states who will experience a challenge to our restriction on gay marriage. Seven committed same sex couples brought suit against the state, making North Dakota the last of the 31 states forbidding gay marriage to face either a current or previous legal

Jason Stverak: More Than 1st Amendment Needed To Protect Journalists

The news on Monday that three Al-Jazeera journalists were convicted and sentenced in Egypt to seven years in prison on terrorism-related charges has sparked international outrage. The ruling is a huge blow to the free press and seen widely as a political move against unfriendly coverage. As America and the rest of the civilized world look at

LegitSlater: Know Then Assert Your Rights

Last week, I highlighted several instances of actual or potential integrity concerns within North Dakota Law Enforcement; one of which was the concern over a ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Special Agent deleting cell phone pictures taken by a citizen. As Rob highlighted last Friday, an investigation did find that the BCI agent mislead

Jim Carey Won't Promote His Own Movie Due To Violence

After the Sandy Hook shooting actor Jim Carey has become quite the anti-gun activist. His critics have responded by pointing out the number of violent movies he’s appeared in, suggesting that he’s a bit of a hypocrite for making so much money portraying so much violence. Now, in an apparent response to that criticism, Carey