Guest Post: The Left Is Changing Their Position On Abortion


Just weeks ago we marked 40 years since the Roe v Wade decision. Most people will tell you that they know where they stand on the issues of life and abortion, but what struck me during the debate over the Heartbeat Bill is how few people know what the Roe opinion even says.

There is no question that pro-abortion groups have been successful at rewriting the Roe opinion to suit their objectives. Today, we are at the point that the commonly held beliefs about Roe – even among pro-lifers – are not based on fact or reality, but rather the narrative that has been spun so effectively by pro-abortion groups. This proves the old saying that ‘if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth’.

It is past time for supporters of life to move away from the “ground rules” set by the left and by the media. We must deal with the pro-abortion agenda directly and honestly. This will take time and effort. The lies have been out there for many years and our educational system has been used to spread those lies so that younger generations have grown up knowing little else. But the simple process of shifting the debate back to the truth will save lives.

I also know that some are tired of the abortion debate. It’s common to hear that there are more important things for the legislature to do. And that nobody is going to change their mind anyway. I do not believe that. There is nothing more important than life. Thomas Jefferson wrote those great words – Life, Liberty and Happiness. – gifts to each of us from God. And the greatest of these is life.

This battle may be fought in the Courts – but it will not be won there. It will be won in the hearts and minds of Americans. I know that America will turn from abortion once it sees and knows the truth.

We are also getting help in refocusing the life debate from pro-abortion supporters themselves. Emboldened by their successes over the last 40 years and by the re-election of President Obama, they are starting to drop their shields and beginning to reveal the truth behind their agenda.

You see, the pro-abortion groups do not like Roe v Wade either. They have embraced it as the starting point and have worked every day since the opinion was handed down to re-write it and take it farther. But they do not like it – it is too limiting.

Recently the left tried to make an issue out of an article that said North Dakota was now among the worst states for women. This is an example of the tactic the left has used for the past 40 years. Arguing that what women really need for happiness and self-fulfillment is free contraceptives and abortion on demand. They say they speak for all women and some, sadly, believe them. She does not speak for me.

But a far more telling article came out about the same time. This Article was titled “So What if Abortion Ends Life?” The sub-title gives away the true agenda; it says, “I believe that life begins at conception. And it’s never stopped me from being pro-choice”

The left is now dropping the argument that the “fetus” is nothing more than a “lump of tissue”. They knew all along the “lump of tissue” argument was wrong, but they convinced many that it was the truth. With the help of the pro-abortion groups and science we will address the true agenda.

Yes, many are tired of this debate but the very least we owe to ourselves is to have our beliefs based on the truth.

As we head into crossover in the legislative session each of the pro-life bills which passed during the first half of the session will now be heard again in the other chamber. New hearings, new debate and another vote on each of those Bills. Now is the time to focus on the truth.

Next, I will discuss the Heartbeat Bill and why that legislation is constitutional under the legal framework set out in Roe v. Wade.